Anxiety in Children - It’s Ok, You’re Safe

Anxiety in Children - It’s Ok, You’re Safe />
Hi Mum and Dad and maybe even Nan and Grandad too,
Let us reassure you that you’re in a safe place.  We’re going to help your child overcome their anxiety the natural way and we’re not going to preach or judge. 
We’re going to share a few ways that will help you and your child recognise key anxiety triggers and introduce you to some natural supplements, herbs and dietary plans and other natural treatments that are all there to help eliminate anxiety.
We know it’s hard as loving parents or caregivers to not stress and fret when our children show signs of anxiety or over worrying but your stress and fretting doesn’t help them.  Take a minute with your child to calmly stop and breathe together.  Deep breathing is a great tool to use because it helps reverse the nervous system response.
Probiotics, prebiotics, medicinal herbs, good diet and nutritional supplements are all wonderful ways to fight anxiety in children. Minerals (natural remedies for anxiety) like magnesium found in dark, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are great for your child’s anxiety as well as natural supplements that contain extra magnesium for a bit of a boost. Having a plan that is designed around your individual child is a real godsend and your professional naturopath is your child’s new best friend to fight and prevent anxiety.  Helping you come up with a plan to improve your child’s diet for instance ensures that you can include foods they like, hence they’ll eat, because we don’t need any more anxiety do we!
As we touched on earlier for a completely holistic approach and therefore a more sustainable approach seek advice and help from your qualified naturopath who can assist with natural remedies for anxiety.  They’re able to listen without judgement or have any preconceived ideas about what might be going on both internally and externally in your child’s life. They can advise around what minerals the child needs to help them beat anxiety and they can assess what might be lacking in the child’s diet that is affecting their overall sense of health and wellbeing.  We all know when we feel good on the inside that helps us feel good on the outside so the holistic approach i.e. treat the cause first; really is the most wonderful way to avoid over worrying and anxiety for you and your child.
4.Having a cute little journal where your child can write down thoughts or instances where they either feel good or experience anxiety is a good way to track and measure what’s going on. Make sure you let them know that it’s not always the big stuff that’s scary, it can be the little stuff too.  Another habit that will help them is to write down what they feel happy about or grateful for.  That way they’re starting to build positive thinking habits without always focusing on worry or stress.
5. Anxiety in children is common and is a natural response to some circumstances.  It can come and go as they grow mainly because of hormonal changes and lifestyle changes but it’s not good if you can see it never leaving.  Yoga, exercise, dancing, playing a sport are all great ways for your kid to help eliminate anxiety.  Find something that suits them as opposed to what you think they need.
If you feel like you’ve been going around in circles and nothing is helping then take a lovely, deep breath and give us a call today for you and your child’s complete peace of mind.