Benefits of Alkaline Water – The Proof Really is in the Drinking

Benefits of Alkaline Water – The Proof Really is in the Drinking />
Benefits of Alkaline Water – The Proof Really is in the Drinking
Drinking alkaline water has many benefits to your health.  Simply put, alkaline water neutralises the acid in your body.  
This acid waste builds up over time when we have a bad diet i.e. too much sugar, high consumption of fatty foods and having a bad diet unfortunately allows diseases to thrive. The way alkaline water works is to dissolve this acid waste by detoxing and helping the kidney and liver function on a higher level and therefore putting the body back in balance. 
A few signs that our bodies are too acidic are:
Lack of energy and enthusiasm
Dry skin, dull hair, thin and cracked nails
Problems with our teeth such as easy to chip
Nervousness, despondent and easily stressed
Did you know that the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) in alkaline water slows down the aging process?  Now, who doesn’t want that!  Alkaline water also helps the body absorb minerals a lot more effectively and this is another major health benefit.
A simple way to make alkaline water is by squeezing the juice of limes or lemons into water, preferably distilled, because of the fact it has had many of its impurities removed so hence better for you. However, if you’re suffering from poor health we would recommend you talk to a natural health practitioner to get professional advice around what would work best for you.
Here are some of the key benefits of drinking alkaline water:
Time for a detox
Alkaline water flushes away any toxic metals and raises the pH level in your urine which your kidneys love.  Your kidneys are then able to work more efficiently and effectively.  Just think of drinking alkaline water as giving your kidneys a good old spring clean.
Raise the pH
Having a high and healthy level of pH will decrease the chances of you developing a condition called Metabolic Syndrome.  Under this unhealthy umbrella sits diabetes, bone loss, heart trouble and obesity.  The benefits of drinking alkaline water are that it helps raise and maintain your pH level which is beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.
Feel the love
Alkaline water is fantastic for your heart health too because it’s such a wonderful source of magnesium.  We need magnesium for our energy and vitality so alkaline water and other natural supplements help the heart leaving you feeling revitalised. The alkaline water flushes away lactic acid that could be having a negative effect on your energy levels and endurance. Not only is alkaline water a good heart tonic, it’s a good heart food too.
Hydration that Tastes and Does Good Too
Lemon and lime water, once you get used to the taste, is extremely refreshing and of course hydrating.  Drinking normal distilled water is great for your health but alkaline water is even better and can help you maintain good health and wellbeing.  It’s an uplifting and refreshing way to help you eradicate fatigue and headaches from your everyday life. 
Alkaline Foods + Alkaline Water = Good Health
Alkaline foods include spinach, kale, cucumber, broccoli and avocados.  Mix that with alkaline water and your body will feel amazing and start to heal from the inside out.  We seem to take so much care of the outside of our bodies but for some strange reason, not always the insides.
If you need further convincing that alkaline water works, why not just try it?  At Natural Family Health we sell health and wellbeing products like alkaline water jugs (Alka Jugs) that alkalise and re-mineralise the water.  These are sold both online and in our clinic.  We can guarantee you will soon start to feel and see the many health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water. 
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