Hello Anxiety, Now Listen Here ….

Hello Anxiety, Now Listen Here …. />

As someone who has experienced anxiety, from overwhelm to a full blown panic attack, I know from personal experience just how confusing and out of control it feels.  Now as a professionally qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, I recognise all the different symptoms and have those invaluable insights to help people say - hello anxiety, now listen here ….

That Crucial First Step

Being able to say hello to your anxiety is a crucial first step.  I get asked all the time - what is anxiety?

Anxiety looks and feels different to different people.  That’s why it can be hard to recognise.  Anxiety symptoms can range from extreme over thinking to full blown panic attacks just like I experienced.  You might feel a sense of regular overwhelm, short of breath or moments of intense pressure that feels like a sense of suffocation.  Once you recognise your own anxiety symptoms, that’s when you can say “hello – I know what you look like now and it’s time I took back my control”.

Now what?

Great question and whilst we can’t list every single technique or treatment in this one article, we can certainly recommend some incredibly powerful tools we use and help others use at our clinic.

Mindfulness, Take a Deep Breath and Strike a Pose

Being mindful is the ability to hold your mind in the now.  Not as easy as it sounds, believe us – we know, but once that heat of anxiety hits, being able to recognise it helps you pour water on it to cool it down by learning different breathing techniques and getting your mind focusing on the here and now. 

Yoga is the ancient art of different empowering poses that helps balance the body and mind.  It’s an amazing exercise routine that is so beneficial to both body and mind and it’s great for people of all ages.

Breathing is an important part of both mindfulness and yoga and when you allow yourself to stop, take deep breaths and exhale out the fear associated with anxiety; you’re going through an extremely powerful releasing technique.

What Colour is Anxiety?

When we think of what colour anxiety would be to us it feels fiery red or raging orange and we want to reduce the heat with relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, breathing and yoga and herbs to extinguish and calm the nervous system.  When we think of depression we think of the “black dog”, the darkness and feeling of despair.  Both are powerful but both can be naturally treated in a diverse and holistic way. 

At our Natural Family Health Clinic, we have years of personal and professional experience of helping people overcome anxiety and other health issues.  Having a greater awareness of how to calm the nervous system using natural techniques and tools such as yoga, mindfulness and breathing in conjunction with herbal medicine we’re proud to have given people their individual coping strategies to finally escape from anxiety.   Right now we warmly invite you to book your first consultation with us today.  You won’t look back.