How to give a Nourishe Facial

How to give a Nourishe Facial />

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Nourishe Skincare

Nourishe Skincare is a natural botanical skincare range.  Its products provide healing, nourishing & effective results using chemical free ingredients with no nasties, just beneficial ingredients including medicinal herbs that have been used successfully for centuries.

We are a nontoxic, botanical range, free of all nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, colourings, mineral oils, petrol chemicals, PEGS, silicon, sulfates & parabens and are cruelty free not testing on animals. These products are handcrafted with love in small batches using all natural ingredients, including medicinal herbs and essential oils to ensure your skin is soothed, moisturised and beautified.


Nourishe Facial

Cant get to the beautician.....Give yourself a facial or take turns giving each other one in your house.

Pack contains Cleansing oil 10ml, Face Scrub 30ml, Hydrating Face Oil 10ml, Face Cream 30ml

Nourishing Hydrating Facial

For the Facial you use -  Nourishe Face Cleansing Oil, Face Scrub, Face Cream & Hydrating Face Oil, a slow cooker or rice cooker, Hot Cloths & towels, warm bowl of water, couple cotton pads

Place warm wet face cloths into a slow cooker or rice cooker with the setting on low 20 minutes before the facial (check they are not too hot before applying to skin).

Make the table/couch/bed comfy with fresh towels, duvet and a hot water bottle to be warm and comfortable.

Place an extra hand towel at the head of the table where the head will be.  Your choice to either use a pillow or rest completely flat.

Facial recipient will need to wrap a towel around themself leaving the decollete (neckline) free of clothing and lay on your table/bed/couch.

Begin the Facial

Using a bowl of warm water beside you, add 1 pump of Nourishe Cleansing Oil to a wet cotton pad. Allow oil to be absorbed into the cotton pad.  Separate the cotton pad into 2 and place over the eyes using controlled pressure.  Remove any eye make up.

With warm wet hands add another 2 pumps of Nourishe Cleansing Oil to your hands and rub together to warm up. Place 1 hand on the forehead and one hand on the decollete (area over collar bones),

Glide over the face to meet at the sides of the face. Continue gliding with your hands all over the face then down over the decollete,  behind the neck and up to the base of the neck. Hold firm for 3 seconds. Continue 3-5 times.

Remove the oil with a warm face cloth from the rice cooker.  Repeat if needed

Using Nourishe Face Scrub repeat the same process as above using small circular movements with your fingertips this time, paying attention to around the nose, forehead and chin.

Add a little warm water to help spread the product evenly.

Remove with a warm face cloth from the rice cooker (check its not to hot on the skin)

Using Nourishe Hydrating Face oil apply 4 or 5 pumps to warm hands. Place one hand on the forehead and one on the decollete and glide together.  Keep movements slow  with good pressure. Sweep down the arms to the elbows and sweep back up behind the base of the neck and up to the temples on the face.  Continue to cover the arms, decollete and face in the Nourishe Hydrating Face Oil. Slow firm movements and never take the hands off the face, this keeps the movements long and luxurious. Massage the shoulders, tops of arms and neck with thumbs.

After approximately 10 minutes, apply ½-1  teaspoon of the Nourishe Face Cream over the face using an ice block stick or the back of a teaspoon.  This becomes a delicious hydrating mask. Place 2 damp cotton pads over the eyes and give mum a head, hand or foot massage for about 10 minutes, while the mask settles into the skin.

Remove with warm face cloths from the rice cooker.

Dot tiny amounts of the Nourishe Face Cream around the eye area. Using both ring fingers, starting at the temples, roll around the eyes pressing firmly into the area at the top bridge of the nose.

Remember to roll with the eyebrows not into the eye brows.

Mix half a pump of Nourishe Hydrating Oil and a 1/4 teaspoon of Nourishe Face Cream into the hands.  Firmly pat and press product into the face, neck and decollete!!!

Once finished the facial, offer your recipient a cup of their favourite herbal tea. Leave them for 10 minutes to enjoy.

** If you have any queries, please be in contact xx

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