Menopause Symptoms - It’s No Musical!

Menopause Symptoms - It’s No Musical! />

Menopause symptoms vary from women to women but there are some extremely common  symptoms you need to be aware of so you can start treating them the natural way:

Night sweats

Hot flashes or hot flushes

Mood change or mood swings

Weight gain

Dry skin and hair thinning

What causes these menopause symptoms?  It’s the natural decline (and it does feel like a downfall) of our reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Right now we have that happy little subject out of the way let’s break down each menopause symptom and tell you how we can help.

Key point to remember though is if you are less stressed leading up to starting menopause the better outcome all round, and that includes symptoms, so that’s definitely worth noting.

Night Sweats and Hot Flushes

Just being able to talk about your night sweats and hot flushes allows most women to feel a sense of immediate relief and we provide very friendly consultations.  We come up with a personalised plan that suits you because every women is different.  Luckily good old Mother Nature is back with her nurturing healing remedies that help with hot flushes and some of these are:

  • Black Cohosh - said to be just as effective as pharmaceutical estrogen helping with hot flush relief
  • Flaxseed Oil - flaxseed contains plant lignans similar to estrogen, hence helps with stabilising the estrogen levels in menopausal women
  • Evening Primrose Oil - evening primrose is a good allrounder for women’s reproductive health and has a lovely calm and cooling effect on the skin
  • Sage - drinking sage tea is good for hot flush relief and is also good for digestion and headaches which we all know is exactly what we need when going through menopause
  • Vitamin C and E - eat more foods with vitamin C and E as the bioflavonoids in vitamin C help reduce the frequency of hot flushes and night sweats and antioxidants in foods high in Vitamin E helps reduce hot flushes.  Of course, there are some amazing supplements your naturopath can professionally advise on.

Mood Change and Weight Gain

Don’t those two things already go hand in hand?  According to research most women gain at least 2.2 kgs during menopause but some gain as much as 6.8 kgs but as we all know eating the right foods i.e. lovely fresh vegetables especially the green ones, and exercising are both excellent tools for managing your weight and mood swings. 

If you need help putting an exercise plan and weight management plan in place this can be done with your naturopath who is your perfect life coach when going through menopause.  Being accountable to someone besides yourself is extremely powerful and effective.

Dry Skin and Hair Thinning

Menopause symptoms like dry skin and hair thinning can all be helped with nutritious skin care treatments but ensure they are completely natural.  You certainly don’t want any unnatural nasties being rubbed into your skin or treating thinning hair that’s for sure. 

Foods like avocado and salmon are great to help with dry skin and herbal infusions are also fantastic natural remedies. Of course learning all about probiotics and prebiotics is going to be a game changer when dealing with menopause and the good news here is your whole family benefit with all these wonderful natural goodies as well so it’s a real multi-tasker.

Menopause symptoms can be a challenge. With the right self-care plan in place and partnering up with the Natural Family Health Clinic team of naturopaths we’ll be able to help you from the “inside out and the outside in”.  Sounds perfect doesn’t it?  Book your consultation today because you deserve to be treated like a queen.