Preparing for Pregnancy - 9 Healthy Ways to Prepare Your Body and Mind

Preparing for Pregnancy - 9 Healthy Ways to Prepare Your Body and Mind />

Preparing for Pregnancy - 9 Healthy Ways to Prepare Your Body and Mind

It’s wonderful preparing for pregnancy but of course, it brings its own set of anxieties and challenges for mums to be, to overcome at nourishe natural health we are beside you every step of the way. 

Preconception care involves planning and ensuring you and your partner are in optimal health. Usually, you would spend 3-4 months preparing to ensure both sperm and eggs are healthy (sperm takes 116 days to form and eggs take 100 days to mature) and sometimes completing some detoxification can be a good idea. It is critical to consider the statement “you are what you eat” when you are preparing to create a new life, and look at your lifestyle, overall happiness, and stress levels.

Here are some wonderful healthy and enjoyable ways for you to prepare both body and mind for pregnancy.

  1. Be Positive

Pre-pregnancy is a great opportunity to really focus on being positive.  This is the time when you really need to optimise your health and wellbeing so when you do get pregnant your body will be in tip-top shape and the habit of positive thinking and gratefulness would already be set. 

2. Eat Wisely

We always advise you to eat as much plant-based organic food as much as you can.  Fresh organic vegetables and fruit that pack a punch of nutrients and vitamins are just so healthy and nutritious for both you and your growing baby.  Your pre-pregnancy and pregnancy diet you need to eat as much fresh and organic produce as you can and kick into touch processed, packaged and sugary foods that are a big no-no in your pregnancy diet plan. 

3. Pre-pregnancy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Pre-pregnancy get your body prepared by taking a prenatal supplement with folate (active forms are often best), B6, B12 to support healthy methylation for growth and development, Choline and Iodine to support healthy brain development, Bioavailable Iron amino acid chelate to minimise digestive side effects often experienced by other forms, 1000 IU Vitamin D3, and bioavailable Calcium citrate to support healthy bones, often you both can use to support for males preconception care by maintaining sperm health so men can take alongside women for preconception.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics in pregnancy especially specific strains can help regulate blood sugar levels, and support the digestive & skin health of both mum and baby so it is advisable.

5.Essential Fatty Acids EPA/DHA

Often as part of pre-conception to help with hormones & fertility if you need extra support, but especially in the lead-up & during the third trimester to help support brain development for your baby & brain function and mood for the mum (this must be a good quality fish oil/hemp oil/flaxseed oil though). EFAs are necessary for the formation of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins have a wide variety of biological functions including correct hormonal balance and vital for the development of the baby’s brain. Some research suggests that adequate EFAs in the mother’s diet during pregnancy can lower the incidence of allergy in the offspring. Sources include deep-sea cold-water fish, LSA, Evening primrose oil and walnuts. As many have an imbalanced ratio of omega 3:6 in their diet this is important to ensure adequate is contained within the mother’s diet.

6. Only use Natural Skincare and Hair Care

If you don’t already use natural skincare and hair care then now is a good time to start.  Nasty chemicals and toxins are in non-natural products to top up the volume so you think you’re getting value for money but really all you’re getting is not nice.  Remember this includes toxic makeup too so go completely natural pre-pregnancy and beyond.  Consider having a look at the Nourishe Skincare range on my website.

7. Go a la Natural With Your Cleaning Products Too

Yes preparing for pregnancy includes what you’re using for cleaning products around the home too.  Harmful chemicals found in all those sprays and bottles you may have around the place aren’t good for you or baby so switch to natural.  There are some amazing natural home cleaning products you can make yourself so it’s not only good for you, it’s great for your budget and that’s got to be good with a new one on the way.

8. Exercise and Rest

Pre-pregnancy tips and tricks is a balance of getting some exercise in that you enjoy and having a daily time to just down tools and switch off.  You really want to be nice and fit as you can going into pregnancy because it really does stand by you but you also need time to just put your feet up. 

9. Enjoy Yourself!

Our last little tip pre-pregnancy is to make sure you are still enjoying yourself.  It’s a wonderful time of your life to focus on some self-care and your naturopath is your perfect self-care partner pre-pregnancy and beyond.  Talk to them if you have any concerns or worries because this is what we do best.

For an even healthier pregnancy that is holistic and full of amazing advice visit  who are your perfect pre-pregnancy support team.  We love looking after new mums to be, we provide postnatal care and of course, we take care of your growing family too.