Spring 2021

Spring 2021 />
Spring 2021

What a strange and fast year! With everything happening at present and so many up coming changes, lots of uncertainty, worries and similar conversations being had I thought I would share some immune tips with you to help you be the healthiest you can be.

For supporting immunity naturally, ensure you are eating Nutrient dense whole foods, get regular exercise, are practicing mindfulness, getting adequate sleep each night, ensure you are including at least 2 things per day that bring you joy and help focus on the positive aspects of your life keeping your stress levels as low as possible.  If your stress levels are constantly high this causes immune deactivation which means your immunity will be lower than it should be & if bugs or viruses are around you are more susceptible to them.  These tips all help ensure your immune is functioning as effectively as it should & below I have added some notes on each of these aspects.

Alongside eating well & plenty of self care, ensure adequate levels & perhaps supplementing with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and consider the use of N-acetylcysteine (NAC), Quercetin, Curcumin, LGG Probiotics & Immunity/Respiratory/Anti-viral herbal medicine. 

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Supporting Healthy Immunity Naturally
Whole food focus - Eating well

Do you know that just by eating whole food you can improve your overall nutrition, increase your vitamins, minerals & antioxidants and help improve your cellular & organ health throughout your body? 

What is whole food?  Simply anything grown, with minimal interference - fruit, vegetables (with a ratio of 1 fruit to 4 vegetables), nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish, whole grains like brown rice, unrefined wheat or oats, & legumes (ideally soaked first to support absorption and breakdown).  Eat colourful foods, like a rainbow. Aiming to eat about 5-8 serves of vegetables & fruits per day minimum. 

Ensure you are eating a balance of protein, fats & carbohydrates at each meal to stabalise your blood sugar levels, keep energised & support cognitive function. 

Think about what this food is doing for me…... it will be helpful to ensure we are getting enough vitamins, minerals & antioxidants from foods.

To help with the key immunity nutrients above ensure you include these types of foods each day, or look at supplementing.

Foods rich in Vitamin D include oily fish (like - salmon, sardines, tuna), mushrooms, Cheese, Milk, & Egg yolk

Food rich in Vitamin C include  Blackcurrant juice, Guava, Banana, Blackberry, Red Chilli peppers, Red peppers, Parsley, Watercress, Cabbage, Strawberries, Papaya, Rock melon, Citrus fruits, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Green peppers, Cauliflower, Snow peas, Kiwi fruit

Foods rich in Zinc include  Oysters, Red meats, Liver - chicken/ veal/ lamb, Nuts: Brazil, almond, cashew, chestnuts, peanuts, pecan, pine, walnuts, Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Cheese - esp hard yellow types & blue vein, Yeast spread, Tomatoes - sun-dried, Eggs, Tahini, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Garlic, Green peas, Parsley - fresh, Basil - fresh, Broad beans, Butter beans, Spinach, Mushrooms.

Keep Hydrated

Ensuring we are drinking at least 2 Litres of water daily helps all of our organ systems work more effectively - win win all round!  To calculate your individual water intake you get your body weight  (kgs) and divide by 30 this give you the actual amount your individual body needs in litres - don't go over 3 litres per day though.

Ensuring adequate water helps with clear brain function, helps keep energy up, reduces cravings, helps with detoxification, keeps oxidative stress low, helps reduce headaches & keeps our bowels moving - again win win!

Movement - Get active

Ideally a mixture of a couple days slow restorative & the rest higher intensity to support balance.  30 minutes daily minimum daily which can be a mixture of  core strength, HIIT style, biking, walking, running, fitness groups, gyms, yoga, pilates, swimming, stretching anything that gets you up and moving, some blood circulating, your breath to increase & a little sweat to occur.  Exercise helps release endorphins to help elevate the mood & increase joy levels.  It also helps with clarity & to decrease stress levels,  helps  increase our energy, support weight maintenance or loss, supports better sleep quality, supports cardiovascular, lymphatic & detoxification health and can add years to your life.  Movement & muscle building is critical for healthy bone density as we age.

Self Care
Get Outside - Nature, bare feet in the grass, sand, sunshine on our faces, fresh air in our lungs all helps keep us grounded & present, and again our cortisol & dopamine in check.

Sleep Maintenance
 In bed before 10 pm, aim for 8 hrs actual sleep.  To help get to sleep ensure no screen time 1hr before & turn phone to air plane mode at night so no electromagnetic frequency (EMF) is transmitting around you interfering with your sleep, and turn TV etc off at wall in bedroom – this will help with a more quality sleep to help with energy flow throughout the day.  Try reading, baths with Epsom salts & essential oils, breathing techniques, stretching, laughing with family & friends to reduce technology time in evenings.
If sitting still focusing on breathing or ummmmmmm pose doesn't work for you try more Use active meditation or mindfulness for the purpose of calming the mind. To do this, learn to focus on just one thing to decrease stress & overwhelm & allow clarity.  Considering what you are doing and being present in doing this.  Thinking of simple tasks like sitting outside using your 5 senses - what can you hear, smell, feel, taste & see or if you cant sit out side do this while chopping vegetables, or driving the car, sitting with your children.  This will help to achieve clear focus and further support your parasympathetic nervous system. 

Or there are plenty of mindfulness apps or you-tubers that are fantastic.

Use breathing techniques, even if just 5 deep breaths activating your diaphragm before each meal can make such a massive difference to lower cortisol, help with breakdown & absorption of nutrients from foods & help with both lowering stress & boosting immunity by flushing fresh oxygen & increasing uptake of nutrients.

Connect with Friends
We can still talk to people, maybe pick up a phone, text, email, face time - keeping social will help all of us with being calm, present and happy.

Create a Joy List
Either cut outs like a vision board or written words - add all the things you like or love and add these into your everyday, become creative again - pull out an art or craft project, read a book, write, draw, paint the house, walk, laugh with friends boost joy and decrease stress & lowered moods.

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