Winter 2021......

Winter 2021...... />

Winter 2021......

So..... we are in lockdown again, how are you feeling about this?

For me, I am really enjoying some quiet time at home with my family, but I know many others are worrying and letting stress build, so I thought I would share some tips on how to keep calm & present through lockdown (or just calm & present in general) because if we can keep our stress levels minimized our immunity is naturally higher - win win with our life at present!

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Tips on how to keep calm & present through lockdown (or life in general)

Move - Get active This naturally helps regulate cortisol & activate dopamine which are both supportive for decreasing stress levels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone the adrenal glands releases that helps the body deal with stressful situations. Short-term release of cortisol can help you quickly run from danger (Sympathetic nervous system - fight or flight response), long term stress however can lead to burn-out, fatigue, mood changes, weight gain, high blood sugar, diabetes, insomnia, & lowered immunity.

Dopamine is known as the feel good neurotransmitter, associated with pleasure and reward it is involved in both neurological and physiological functioning contributing to motor function, mood, and decision making.  Dopamine helps us with being alert, focused, happy and, motivated.

Simply moving can help support both cortisol & dopamine.

Many gyms, Pilates & yoga studios have online classes running at present, or simply pull out your bike or walking shoes.

Eat Well - Its easy to start loading on Refined Carbohydrates, Sugar & Alcohol with boredom & stress, instead aim for a whole food diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, lean meat, whole grains and legumes this will help keep vitamins & minerals up, energy up & support a healthy waistline!

There are some great online whole food companies that make life simple like,,

Keep Hydrated - Ensuring we are drinking at least 2 Litres of water daily helps all of our organ systems work more effectively - win win all round!

Ensure adequate water helps with clear brain function, helps keep energy up, reduces cravings, helps with detoxification, keeps oxidative stress low, helps reduce headaches & keeps our bowels moving - again win win!

Get Outside - Nature, bare feet in the grass, sand, sunshine on our faces, fresh air in our lungs all helps keep us grounded & present, and again our cortisol & dopamine in check.

Breathe - Use breathing techniques, even if just 5 deep breaths activating your diaphragm before each meal can make such a massive difference to lower cortisol, help with breakdown & absorption of nutrients from foods & help with both lowering stress & boosting immunity by flushing fresh oxygen & increasing uptake of nutrients.

Connect with Friends - We can still talk to people, maybe pick up a phone, text, email, face time - keeping social will help all of us with being calm, present and happy.

Create a Joy List - Either cut outs like a vision board or written words - add all the things you like or love and add these into your everyday, become creative again - pull out an art or craft project, read a book, write, draw, paint the house, walk, laugh with friends boost joy and decrease stress & lowered moods

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I hope you continue to enjoy your Winter.
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From Serina at Nourishe Natural Health