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  • Initial Consult Gift Voucher

Initial Consult Gift Voucher

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Natural Family Health
Natural Family Health Clinic
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Give the gift of health to your near & dearest.

At the Natural Family Health Clinic we specialise in holistic wellbeing, promoting health, laughter and love in a nurturing environment using natural methods to help you regain and maintain optimal health.

We offer natural health consultations looking at every aspect of health, seeking to find the underlying cause of a problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  Our goal is to listen and facilitate the body’s own natural healing power using natural non-toxic therapies and restoring balance in the body.  Work to optimise health and wellbeing, prevent ill health, boost immunity and can assist with acute and chronic conditions.

At the Natural Family Health Clinic an initial consultation usually lasts 60-90 minutes and includes an in-depth case take of current health, medical history, looking at all body systems, using diagnostic techniques and assessing any health concerns you may have.  Together we will discuss your diet, nutritional status, activity, lifestyle, emotions, medical history and how your body is functioning.  Then an individual treatment plan is initiated to start towards optimal health.

Bookings are by appointment only & applies for an initial consultation only, any prescriptions recommended are additional.


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