Spring 2021

Spring 2021 />
What a strange and fast year! With everything happening at present and so many up coming changes, lots of uncertainty, worries and similar conversations being had I thought I would share some immune tips with you to help you be the healthiest you can be. For supporting immunity naturally, ensure you are eating Nutrient dense whole foods, get regular exercise, are practicing mindfulness, getting adequate sleep each night, ensure you are including at least 2 things per day that bring you joy and help focus on the positive aspects of your life keeping your stress levels as low as possible.  If your stress levels are constantly high this causes immune deactivation which means your immunity will be lower than it should be & if bugs or viruses are around you are more susceptible to them.  These tips all help ensure your immune is functioning as effectively as it should & below I have added some notes on each of these aspects. read more

Welcome 2021......

Welcome 2021...... />
My friends & I watched the fireworks over the Rotorua Lakes and decided that we were all going to be healthy, laugh lots & get radical!! So with that in mind, I have been learning to mountain bike again which is testing all levels of fear, but also bringing me lots of joy & my husband is being surprisingly supportive with encouragement as he patiently waits for me & gives me tips - no small feat for anyone who knows he is permanently 100 miles an hour!! read more